Deep Learning
Image processing and analysis
Spaceflight dynamics

Agenium Space team masters all phases of space projects and the preparation of operational services:

Space projects:

  • Feasibility and design studies, contribution to the definition of space missions
  • Mission analysis
  • Image chains prototyping and spaceflight dynamics centres  
  • Development of scientific ground segments
  • Support to operations: satellite in-flight commissioning, image quality studies, geometry and radiometry expertise

Multisource services based on Deep Learning:

  • R&T and feasibility studies
  • Solutions prototyping
  • Validation and upscaling

Agenium Space expertise relies on a proven know-how in:

  • Project management
  • ICTs for deployment and execution in cloud platforms (devOps).

Agenium Space team has a large experience in projects for the key accounts of the European spatial sector: CNES, ESA, European Commission, EUMETSAT, Airbus, Thales…

Moreover, Agenium Space offers service implementation for major private platforms and image providers.


  • On board processing
  • Object detection and identification (airplanes, ships, buildings, clouds…)
  • Land cover, land use
  • Change and anomalies detection
  • Future ground segments (resampling, radiometric and geometric corrections…)
  • Emulation and models’ inversion (atmosphere, biophysical parameters, waveforms…)
  • 3D reconstruction
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Analytics

The experts of Agenium Space help their customers to implement Deep Learning solutions. Thanks to their experience in artificial intelligence and satellite data, they provide innovative and suitable answers to the limitations and challenges of Deep Learning: 


  • Radiometric corrections, calibration
  • Geometrical corrections
  • Image quality
  • Straylight detection and correction
  • Definition of optical and infrared missions
  • Image simulation
  • In-flight commissioning
  • Information extraction, classification, segmentation 
  • Multi-temporal and multisource series analysis


Experience shared with Agenium IT & Systems:

  • Orbit extrapolation and restitution, positioning and station-keeping, AOCS…
  • Support and services based on STK (Systems Tool Kit)


Agenium Space defines its own intermediate and middleware services and develops ad-hoc solutions tailored for its clients with Deep Learning and hybrid methodologies:

  • Understanding of specific user needs
  • Identification of suitable data
  • Definition of service and methodology
  • Implementation (training databases, models, networks)
  • Service preparation and deployment on cloud platforms