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simulation training & systems

3D Technologies

For over 14 years, we have been helping you to develop your training simulators and virtual applications, using Unreal Engine, VBS and STK technology in particular.

Design and development of training simulators

Agenium’s teams have unique expertise in the development of virtual training simulators. The technical solutions we propose use the most advanced virtual technologies, derived from video games, and allow for easy integration of your business layer.

Design and production of 3D content

The design and production of 3D content is part of Agenium’s DNA. Our production processes guarantee the supply and performance of very high-resolution 3D models and photorealistic virtual environments with no surface limits.


An entity specialized in the obsolescence treatment of complex systems

AGENIUM industries offers the specific skills needed to renovation systems equipped with Mitra type computers, ECUs, VME boards, Digibus buses, ARINC buses and Synchro/Resolver boards, systems still in use in the defense, naval, aeronautical and railway sectors..

Communication gateways interfacing old systems/equipment with the “modern” world (Ethernet, ergonomic IHM)

Extending the life of your systems

An entity specialized in the obsolescence treatment of old systems (computers, consoles, peripherals, interface bay…) to ensure the sustainability of these materials over time.

AGENIUM industries has complete control of the study to the realization of a complete equipment (mechanics, electronics, data processing and wiring).


Safeguarding critical assets in space with AGENIUM SSA Core & Suite solutions

With the increase in space applications, the densification of launches and the development of New Space, outer space is becoming a crowded environment that needs to be monitored.

Agenium offers advanced solutions in the fields of SST (Space Surveillance and Tracking), SSA (Space Situational Awareness) and SDA (Space Domain Awareness).

Agenium has been involved in space monitoring for more than 20 years, working with both defense contractors and commercial satellite operators.


This tool provides basic SSA functionality from ingesting raw SSA data from radar, optical and RF sensors to orbit determination and collision calculations, monitoring maneuvers, RPOs and reentries.

The user interface offers convenient asset status monitoring. This is available as standalone or cloud-service solution.


Advanced SSA functionality for advanced SSA Command and Control (C2) centers.

Built upon AGENIUM SSA Core, this solution offers additional immersive 3D graphics, AI tools and external application interoperability. It is targeted for sovereign civil or defense applications requiring threat monitoring and response.

Onboard SSA

AGENIUM has built AI-assisted space-to-space object detection algorithms, with Deep Neural Network (DNN) optimized for onboard processing.

This capability can improve sensor capabilities for space object cataloging and local perimeter monitoring today as well as approaching threat analysis in future.

Software solutions

Distribution of technical and scientific software

AGENIUM Software provides commercial software tools to support the development of simulation and operational systems. It plays a key role in bridging the gap between software developers and end-users in various fields such as engineering, research, data analysis and others.

AGENIUM carefully selects cutting-edge software that precisely meets the requirements of technical and scientific fields. We have established long-term strategic partnerships with renowned software publishers such as ANSYS, SIMCENTRIC, ISL, CESUM and EPIC GAMES.

Find out more about DME STK (Systems Tool Kit) software.

Offering a range of services, AGENIUM excels in customised training and the integration of software solutions. Our team of specialist engineers offers tailored support, backed up by in-depth technical expertise to optimise the use of the advanced tools we distribute.


Edge-AI products for satellites, helping to calibrate sensors and find objects in satellite imagery onboard​

AGENIUM Space provides expertise for AI solutions onboard satellites using edge-AI technology. It specializes in onboard SW execution optimizations for various target HW.


AGENIUM has flown cloud, forest, airplane and ship detection onboard multiple satellite missions and thus has deep expertise in this field.

It offers own and 3rd party Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) integration onboard AI-capable platforms in space.


In a joint collaboration with ESA, AGENIUM has developed algorithms to calibrate space sensors to compensate for hardware, aging or temperature imperfections.

This ensures high quality product for end-users with every picture well calibrated.


AGENIUM offers many services around edge-AI technology for satellites.

From optimizing pre-existing DNNs to new network developments, from hardware recommendations to SW optimizations for target HW.

AGENIUM has strong experience in onboard AI solution deployment and is ready to help with the process.