Software distribution
Support and training
Creating 3D models
Field data modelling

Business and Expertise

  • Modelling of terrestrial, naval, airborne and space systems: submarines, surface ships, ground stations, drones, airplanes, missiles, satellites, spacecrafts, global navigation satellite systems (GNSS)
  • Modelling of basic and complex trajectories (crossing points, platform models, orbit propagators…)
  • Modelling of attitudes (simple instructions, monitoring according to sensor objectives)
  • Modelling of 3D terrains and meteorological data management 
  • Modelling of payloads (communication antennas, optical sensors, lasers, radars…)

Used for:

  • Performance analysis of systems and system of systems
  • Design and preparation of military or civilian missions
  • Design and preparation of space, interplanetary and lunar missions
  • Orbit determination
  • Highlighting of optical or electromagnetic visibility constraints
  • Acquisition of imagery and spatial data
  • Development of communications and tactical linking
  • Radar performance analysis (SAR imagery, search/track)
  • Analysis of collision between systems, with terrain or objects
  • Scheduling appointments and manoeuvres  
  • Data processing and visualisation during real-time operations (monitoring)

Development of specific applications

Generating of HCI

  • In accordance with customers’ specifications
  • Use of APIs available in the product offer (SDK)
  • Allows to customise standard AIS products to clients’ business

Design and realisation of complete modules

  • Specific formats
  • Third-party software
  • Specific communication protocols

Interface development

  • Specific formats
  • Third-party software
  • Specific communication protocols

Support for software and hardware integration

  • Provision of complete target hardware configuration
  • On-site integration of AIS products
  • Performance testing
  • Porting

High value-added studies

  • Development and implementation of demonstrators
  • Definition, input and execution of simulation scenarios
  • Analysis of results

3D and terrain modelling  

Generating surface skin - bare ground

  • Source data compatibility verification

Automatic generation

  • Vector drawing / retouching
  • Intensive use of scripts
  • Roads, forests, rivers, buildings, random objects...

Creating of custom 3D objects

  • High-fidelity
  • Customised input in the simulator