Mission accomplishment by UAV
Agricultural and sanitary bio-treatments
Shooting, photo, video
Mission preparation and reporting software

Mission accomplishment by UAV

Our team of pilots, equipped with tablets and the mission tracking solution we have developed, can operate throughout France. We can ensure different types of treatments or missions.

Agricultural bio-treatments

  • Treatment against the corn borer 

    Release of capsules containing trichogramma to control the corn borer.
  • Sowing under cover (green manure) 
    Spreading of seeds (clover, phacelia) to establish plant cover on crops such as corn that are still standing.
  • Spraying on vineyards 
    Spraying of phytosanitary treatments on hillside vineyards with a declination of more than 30%.
  • Processionary caterpillars 
    Spraying of bio-treatments on the treetops, a privileged place for the nests of processionary caterpillars.

Other activities

  • Sanitary treatments 

           Mosquito repellent spraying

  • Photo and video shooting 

           Datura detection on a plot of land

Mission preparation and restitution software for your UAV treatments

Benefit from the software solution we have developed to manage your own processing, or the preparation of your missions by UAVs.

For your team a solution for mission preparation and restitution

  • Mission and treatment planning
  • Automatic flight plan generation
  • Optimization of the UAV operator's rounds
  • Sending sms to farmers before and after treatment
  • Monitoring of treatment status
  • Generation of mission reports

For your customers, a platform for ordering and monitoring treatments

  • Creation and management of members
  • Editing of plots
  • Ordering treatments
  • Mission follow-up
  • Consultation of mission reports