We offer a variety of training on different topics to transfer our technical expertise to software development teams, engineers and scientists who want to master the entire development chain or simply want to stop on a particular step but necessary for the proper functioning of your prototypes or your industrial software solutions.

In an ever more innovative world every day, software is at the heart of your industrial strategy and your solutions must take into account an increasingly complex environment. Our programs are designed to help you master all these aspects, from simple upgrade to expert level.

Advanced training in C ++

Agenium Campus, actively participating in the evolution of the C ++ language with the ISO standards committee, involved among other things in the development of new standards released in 2014 and 2017, offers in particular advanced training around this language, allowing to master advanced concepts of the latter. C ++ stands out as a language of choice for the development of critical applications. It is a rich language whose handling can be complex.

Les thématiques abordées

  • Good practices for performance
  • Performance optimization
  • Suitability algorithm, programming techniques, architecture operation
  • Make the right choice of architecture
  • Parallelism
  • Mechanisms of modern processors
  • Business training
  • Numerical and scientific calculation
  • Software engineering
  • Scientific tools

Interactive training

The courses are interactive and based on the good participation of learners. The manipulation of the software is preponderant. Thus, each concept will be immediately followed by an application on examples of increasing complexities to acquire and master each of them. More complete exercises will also be proposed in order to complete the learning and to exchange between participants and trainers. At the end of the training, free workshops will allow participants to apply their new knowledge to their favorite subject with the help of the trainer.