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3D terrain and model production

Software products


Digibati is a production tool designed to extract buildings and trees from a single aerial or satellite imagery.

  • Building footprint extraction
  • Building height evaluation
  • Building roof shape extraction
  • LOD2 buildings
  • Trees extraction
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and optimized edition tools
  • Produced data can be used directly into your GIS/mapping software, urbanism solution, 3D engine / renderer, virtual globe, flight simulator


PixelBlender generates homogeneous image mosaics from heterogeneous sources.

  • Global radiometric correction
  • Radiometric reference
  • Seamless results
  • C++ SDK or a standalone desktop version

3D terrain and model production

Data sourcing

Thanks to a broad range of partners, we search and acquire the best data for your needs, from DTM/DSM to aerial or satellite imagery.

Terrain generation

We produce vector source data by using highly efficient and optimized tools, including Digibati.

Terrain generation at a glance

• Geotypical and geospecific terrain creation

• Roads, forests, waters/rivers, buildings, static objects creation

• Highly efficient production workflow based on proprietary tools

• Levels of details (LODs)

3D model creation

We take care of the realism as well as the triangle count.

We create ultra-modern Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials for photorealistic models.

Models can be configured for the target 3D engine to enhance the user experience: animations, LODs...

Supported 3D engine and simulator

  • Bohemia Interactive Simulations TerraTools/Virtual Battlespace (VBS)
  • Presagis | TerraVista/vega-prime
  • Thalès | Thalès View
  • Epic Games | Unreal Engine
  • Unity Technologies | Unity3D
  • AGI | Systems Tool Kit (STK)
  • Calytrix | Titan Vanguard
  • Irrlicht | Irrlicht

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