Our partners

All our partners at the service of innovation

Our key offer system, STK (System Tool Kit) developed by AGI (www.agi.com), is a software suite dedicated to the simulation of space, aeronautical, terrestrial and maritime systems.
CNR radio station simulation software enables to connect, send and record communications in a simulation exercise.
We provide in all French speaking countries trainings for engines 3D VBS3, developed by Bohemia Interactive Simulations company.
ModelCenter, published by Phoenix Integration, is a graphical tool dedicated to automating, integrating and optimising a design process that may be used by each member of a development team.
Presagis provides simulation and graphics software, as well as services to defence and aerospace organisations worldwide. We provide end-users, system integrators, developers and manufacturers with advanced tools and specialised services that enable them to create rich virtual immersive environments for trainings, such as test benches, and environments for the design of tomorrow’s cockpits.
Interactive 3D simulation for maintenance instruction and support. It helps to communicate the technical knowledge essential for the maintenance of equipment.
UAV Planner is a scheduling software that allows the scheduling of tasks, as well as the allocation of resources for drone-type platforms. UAV Planner allows operators, designers and engineers to model their drone systems and to perform planning and operational analysis.