Presagis provides simulation and graphics software, as well as services to defence and aerospace organisations worldwide. We provide end-users, system integrators, developers and manufacturers with advanced tools and specialised services that enable them to create rich virtual immersive environments for trainings, such as test benches, and environments for the design of tomorrow’s cockpits.

The story of Presagis is the story of innovation.

Pioneers in the simulation industry, Presagis set the standard for modelling and simulation software. From launching ground-breaking tools for creating synthetic environments, to developing full suites dedicated to simulation and visualisation, we continue our quest for excellence and strive to reach new heights.

Our experience in the area of civilian and military aeronautics powered up our innovation and success in the fields of embedded graphics and human-machine interface and earned us distinctions and awards.

Responding to a need in the defence sector, Presagis invested in physically accurate sensor technology visualisation for virtual environments. By providing realistic radar and infra-red images, Presagis yet again stands out from the crowd thanks to the innovation and experience in simulations. 

Building on this success and responding to market trends and to a need for a simplified integration, we designed the CRAFT series – an open and customisable simulator. By combining and integrating all of our products into a turnkey solution designed for the military simulation market, we offered more value for money and enhanced time to market.