AGI STK (Systems Tool Kit)

We offer a wide range of products and solutions to cover all areas of analyses and simulation of complex systems. 

Our key offer system, STK (System Tool Kit) developed by AGI (, is a software suite dedicated to the simulation of space, aeronautical, terrestrial and maritime systems.

This off-the-shelf software has been used by major global manufacturers, particularly in the military world since 1989. The major French manufacturers including Thales Alenia Space, Astrium SAS, CNES, EADS, ESA, MBDA and Thales are currently using it, as well as the French Armed Forces (French Ministry of Defence, DGA...).

We are the exclusive distributor of the STK product for France and for the French speaking countries.

Nowadays, STK is composed of about twenty fully integrated modules covering the following areas:


When planning and conducting space missions, scientists and engineers must account for a wide range of unique challenges in flight dynamics and system performance.


AGI’s Systems Tool Kit (STK) software is the industry standard for electromagnetic environmental effects modelling in dynamic environments.


AGI software provides a modelling, simulation and analysis (MS&A) environment that brings an open, multi-level modelling solution to the industry. The environment is built on AGI’s Systems Tool Kit and Phoenix Integration’s ModelCenter, commercially available software already in heavy use across the DoD, intelligence, FFRDC, SETA and contractor communities.


AGI technology delivers a full, multi-domain, multi-asset, theater-wide Common Operating Picture. It improves ISR decision-making through collection mission optimization, multi-int data fusion, tipping and cueing, sensor coverage analysis and communications analysis.


AGI provides a comprehensive integrated analysis environment for engineering and to support concept-to-operational management of military and civilian manned and unmanned aircraft.  


Space situational awareness (SSA) is the foundational element of space superiority, and is the knowledge of space objects, events and the status of satellites. It entails keeping track of all objects in space and understanding how the space picture is changing over time.