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Agenium Group acquires Numscale, strengthens its capabilities and completes its range of services The technological complementarity with the Group's other subsi
STK’s physics-based, multi-domain modeling, simulation, and analysis environment supports the fast, cost-effective, and responsive approaches needed to realize
Agenium Space offers expertise in the fields of Earth observation and Deep Learning in two areas: space missions and multisource downstream services (satellite
Anxious to offer solutions that are ever more adapted to the needs of its customers, Agenium shall not miss this annual meeting to discover the latest innovativ
Dr Rosario RUILOBA QUECEDO will present “Why not defy statistics working on deep learning” at the Women in Science@Phiweek session and Dr François DE VIEILLEVIL...
AGENIUM, a major player in simulation, and PRESAGIS, software publisher in the field of simulation and 3D rendering engines, have chosen to join forces in order
On the occasion of the TOULOUSE SPACE SHOW AGENIUM IT and Systems and AGI are pleased to welcome you from 26 to 28 June 2018 on stand E36.
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