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GAIDDON Software has joined Agenium Group

GAIDDON Software, specialized in the processing and analysis of aerial and satellite images, has joined Agenium Group, a provider of high-level simulation solutions. With this acquisition, Agenium Group reinforces its position on the market of the creation of virtual terrains for simulation and training.

A strategic acquisition

Agenium Group has been distributing for 4 years the 3D environment reconstruction solution, Digibati, that GAIDDON Software has developed. This solution, as well as the expertise of its team, is an asset for the development of the Group on the civil and military markets. "For several years now, we have been able to test the solutions and reliability of the GAIDDON Software team in our markets, so it was natural to continue our rapprochement by integrating the team into the Group," explains Joël Castets, President of Agenium Group.

A vector of development for GAIDDON Software

Now known as Agenium 3D Lab, GAIDDON Software benefits from the structure of Agenium Group to develop its position as a software publisher and 3D data provider. The production team of the Toulouse-based company was thus completed, to offer, in addition to the production of 3D terrains and cartographic data, 3D models to populate virtual environments. "We can now address all the needs of our customers who are manufacturers or integrators of simulation solutions," says Fabien Gaiddon, founder of GAIDDON Software and now Managing Director of Agenium 3D Lab. Thanks to the Group's distribution network, the publisher's unique solutions will be launched internationally. "The simulation market is at the heart of our development, in its military but also civil applications" adds Fabien Gaiddon. Agenium 3D Lab produces 3D urban models for real estate development and urban planning. These models are of particular interest to local authorities for the production of solar cadastres. "By joining the Agenium Group, we will be able to accelerate our growth and structure our development to better meet our customers' needs" concludes Fabien Gaiddon.

About GAIDDON Software - Agenium 3D Lab

Founded in February 2010 by 4 entrepreneurs and supported since its creation by Toulouse Métropole, the company develops products around automatic 3D reconstruction of urban environments, radiometric harmonization, and realistic environments for simulators and serious gaming. The startup's expertise has already attracted prestigious customers such as Airbus DS, the DGA, Thalès, Sogitec, GDI Simulation, Here, COWI, and Delair.

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About Agenium Group

Agenium Group supports major accounts in the defence, aeronautics and space sectors. Integrator and developer of solutions and associated services, the Group is recognized for its innovative centers of expertise. Founded in 2003, Agenium Group, based in Paris, Toulouse, Marseille, Nantes and Bordeaux, supports renowned clients such as CNES, Airbus, Thales, DGA, the French Ministry of Defence, Renault, the European Space Agency and Hemeria.

Press Contact Agenium 3D Lab Fabien Gaiddon, Managing Director Tel : 06 47 69 41 68 / fabien.gaiddon@agenium.com

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