04.14.2020 news

Cortex Project

Agenium Space and Esa join forces for a year, the time of a project, to work together on the simplification of deep learning on board.

The main goal of this project is to succeed in establishing an exchange simplifying the set up of reduced deep and complex neural networks on Soc FPGA platforms.

This project will combine several skills such as image processing, deep learning, payload expertise. They will have to find the most optimal combination to facilitate the mission.

Once the project completed, it may correspond to several applications, in terms of surveillance, agriculture, forest fires, etc.

Especially for this project, a site was created in order to share the objectives, the context, the events of this project and soon the first results will appear.

Feel free to look at their web site to read more about this project or to join Agenium Space’s team. If you want to be kept informed of the latest news do not hesitate to follow the Linkedin account of Agenium Space.