02.09.2020 partners

Agenium Group and GEO4i are signing a strategic partnership in the field of the geo-intelligence and geomatics

Agenium Group and GEO4i are signing a strategic partnership in the field of the geo-intelligence and geomatics

Agenium Group, a major player in the French market thanks to its unique expertise recognized in the fields of defence, industry and aeronautics is pleased to announce the conclusion of a strategic partnership with GEO4i, the pioneer in geo-intelligence and geomatics.

A clear synergy

This partnership will enable Agenium Group and GEO4i to mutually enrich complementary skills and develop their innovation capacities. The shared objective is to develop the functionalities of their respective solutions and to propose unique innovations on their common markets. GEO4i offers an innovative product range, combining mastery of geospatial data and knowledge of customer needs in terms of geo-intelligence. The GeoSpace platform offers various key functionalities: situation maps, strategic and systemic analyses, route studies, activity detection, site monitoring, vulnerability studies, etc. In addition, GEO4i offers its clients consulting, analysis, training and data source selection services. Agenium Group is developing an offer with high added value thanks to the skills of its subsidiaries. Covering a very broad spectrum of sectors and activities, Agenium’s expertise ranges from UX/UI of specific applications, to code optimization and development of heavy clients, as well as advanced knowledge in Deep Learning, image processing and 3D modeling of models and terrains.

An ambitious goal

The operation announced today is based on the complementary skills, technologies and market coverage of the partners. One of the first objectives of this partnership is the launch of a common, tailor-made training platform designed to offer online training for some of the very specific business activities of the Agenium Group and GEO4i. The Platform will be operational at the end of the first quarter of 2020. «The signing of this partnership is an opportunity to strengthen the capacity for innovation and development by promoting the genesis of a 100% French service offer in the geo-intelligence sector» says Joël Castets, Chairman of Agenium Group. «The Agenium Group’s support to our development actions allows us to significantly increase the functionalities and services that can be offered to our customers. This partnership is fully in line with our medium-term strategy.» adds Lionel Kerrello, CEO of GEO4i.

About Agenium Group

For more than 17 years, Agenium Group has been deploying its expertise in the sectors of defence, industry and space, as well as security and telecommunications. The Group occupies a key position in these sectors, with a highly differentiated and specialized know-how, by supporting players such as Thales, Airbus, Thales Alenia Space, CNES, DGA, the French Ministry of the Armed Forces, Ariane Group and Ariane Space. The Group is developing around 8 subsidiaries and several areas of expertise: embedded artificial intelligence, image processing, 3D modelling, simulation, high performance computing, UX / UI and business applications, development, distribution and integration of critical systems and Through Life support (MCO). Agenium Group is located in Paris (Saint-Germain-en-Laye and Gif-sur-Yvette), Nantes, Toulouse and Marseille. It also has a representative office in Serbia (Belgrade). agenium.group

About GEO4i

GEO4i is an innovative company based in Creil combining two key areas of expertise: image analysis and geomatics. It provides service solutions such as reselling satellite images, consulting in the management, acquisition and extraction of data, as well as on the tools and methods to be used.e de GEO4i. It also offers to support its customers by providing high value-added training. GeoSpace and Help4i software reflect GEO4i’s unique expertise. Geo4i

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