10.23.2019 partners

Agenium Drones Solutions, partner of Telespazio for datura detection

Agenium Drones Solutions, a subsidiary of the Agenium group, is proud to have supported Telespazio France in the implementation of its 2019 campaign to detect datura (corn weed).

Agenium Drones Solutions designed and implemented the application for mission preparation and monitoring by drones, applied to datura processing. The solution implemented by Agenium Drones Solutions has enabled Telespazio France to manage and control all processing for its customers, thanks to:

  • to a specific mass import of its customers' parcels into the platform,
  • the identification of the plots to be treated,
  • the preparation mode of processing missions, at the heart of the Drones Solutions solving system,
  • to the generation of flight plans,
  • processing reports issue,
  • to validation directly on the plot, via a mobile application.

Through the implementation of a customized workflow, Agenium Drones Solutions enables its customers, members, farmers and cooperatives to benefit from a solution adapted to their orders and processing follow-up.