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Agenium Drones Solutions at the Paris International Agricultural Show

Agenium Drones Solutions at the Paris International Agricultural Show

Agenium Drones Solutions will be present at the International Agriculture Show from February 22 to March 1, 2020. Come and meet us on the International Union for Plant Protection stand (Pavilion 4 Stand B050) and Passion Céréales (Pavilion 2.2 Stand B 051).

Agenium Drones Solutions and Olivier Marraud des Grottes, its General Manager, will present his latest technologies and projects for treatments handling and mission planification for UAV operations as well as his agricultural knowledge.

Agenium Drones Solutions offers treatment solutions and mission preparation for drone operations. In order to simplify the often heavy burdens of farmers, we propose to carry out, across France, different types of drone treatments. These solutions can be supported by our mission planficiation platforme and assistance software.


Because our main processing tool is the drone, Agenium Drones Solutions has six. They have a compact carbon coaxial structure, withstand winds up to 50km / h and carry up to 5kg. These can be equipped in different ways depending on the treatment they need to perform. For example, the six drones are currently equipped with the trichogram payload. A pod with trichogram capsules that fights against the European corn borer. Drones are piloted by a team of pilots integrated into our structure.

The software solution

In order to carry out the various treatments offered, Agenium Drones Solutions has developed its own platform. An application for mission preparation, reporting and decision support. It will allow you to manage your treatments or can be used as an ordering and monitoring platform for clients.

In the first case, this solution will allow you to manage and edit plots, order treatments and follow up on missions and reports.

In the second case, the platform allows you to handle pilot teams and missions on different points: Mission planning and processing, automatic flight plan generation, optimization of drone operator routes, sending sms to farmers before and after treatment ect…

The treatment against European corn borer, their primary mission

This treatment was created in order to alleviate the main pest of the European corn borer. One larva of borer per plant can cause a loss of 5.5 quintals per hectare and the development of mycotoxin-producing fungi. The Agenium Drones Solution treatment allows an ecological solution thanks to the trichogram. The trichogram is a mini wasp that protects plantations and parasitizes the eggs of the moths.

Trichogram dropping by drone is a simple and effective solution since it makes it possible to treat 70 to 100 hectares per day and to release 100 capsules per hectare. After a first release, daughter generations from the parasites of parasitized pirates extend the action up to three weeks.


Our experience

Two years of testing in partnership with a chamber of agriculture allowed them to refine our technical solution. During various tests, they were able to study the best release period for increased efficiency. Refine the seed mixture used to ensure a dense cover with a strong germination power, by applying in particular an anti-slug, in order to preserve a plant cover on all the intercropping.Adjust the drones and the dropping solution to adapt to this specific treatment.

Following this experience and the needs of their market, Agenium Drones Solutions is now operational to also treat, seedlings on canopies for wheat and corn crops. The treatment works on the same principle as the operation of dropping trichograms, except that here the drone is prepared differently. This will involve dropping a seed compound directly into a field crop without having worked the soil upstream, even before harvesting.

More information will be revealed during this fair, on their features, news and projects ect. In the meantime, do not hesitate to follow the Linkedin account of Agenium Drones Solutions in order to be kept informed of the latest news.