01.01.2018 news

Agriload Campaign 2018

Agenium Presents Agriload - 2018 Treatment Campaign

AGRILOAD is a range of preventive and curative solutions at the service of the new agricultural revolution for precision, reasoned and more profitable operation. AGRILOAD, it is a virtuous solution, anxious to better consume in energy, in treating products, by privileging the biocides and microorganisms and thus the natural and more balanced actions.

AGRILOAD is a fast implementation solution, flexible in use, lightweight in logistics, automated and secure, at lower cost.

AGRILOAD is more than just a drone with its embedded systems dedicated to agriculture. It is a global response to access to new agricultural machinery: vector / payloads / embedded systems / maintenance / rental / sales / training / missions / network of experts.

Come to discover us www.agriload.fr