03.02.2020 events

Agenium Drones Solutions web site launching

Agenium Drones Solutions is proud to launch of its web site Agenium Drones Solutions.

You will find all our subsidiary informations about treatments handling and mission planification for UAV operations.

You will discover, articles, news, events with trade fairs about Agenium Drones Solutions and all contact information contact to tell us about your projects.

Learn more about main treatments by drone in agriculture, thanks dedicated pages about treatment against European corn borer and under cover sowing.

Discover all features of Agenium Drones Solutions mission planning platform with treatment management, missions planning, 4D maps, reports…

Feel free to look at their web site to read more about this subject or to join Agenium Drones Solution’s team.If you want to be kept informed of the latest news do not hesitate to follow the Linkedin account of Agenium Drones Solutions.